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"Flying Machines Ads" adds a little retro and brings back memories of the earliest of aviation flights.
When you learned to fly and experienced the freedom and the amazement of flying, flying became part of your very soul. The first thing you wanted was your own aircraft, wow, you could hardly wait to find one!

We want to make this magic come alive again by providing an Aircraft Classifieds web site that not only is part of the old tradition but also taking the search for your next airplane into the 21st century.

On our web site you will not be bothered by third party ads embedded between all the listings.

Introducing Flying Machine Ads, a more advanced web site for advertising your airplane or aviation products.
Smart Phone, Tablet and Desktop friendly

We are a new web site and need lots of ads to fill it up. So for the next while we are offering free ads!

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  • Able to upload up to 12 pictures as part of your ad.
  • Add captions to all your pictures.
  • Able to link to a video on Youtube, Facebook, etc. as part of your ad.
  • No need to register to respond to an ad.
  • Member log-in so you can manage all your ads.
  • Sends you an alert email and/or text message when someone views your ad.
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  • Able to upload a PDF document to further describe your item.
  • Able to print a report showing all visitors who viewed your ad and from where.
  • Submit your own web site link to further show off your item.
  • Body of your ad can contain up to 1200 characters.
  • Rich text (HTML) in the body of your ad. (highlight words, color text, etc.)

Need help submitting your Ad, for a small fee of $25.00 we will set up your ad for you.
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