Why Use Us ?

From all the other ad web sites out there, why us you ask ?

We wanted to take classified ads into the 21st century by integrating all the Internet technology we have available today.

Instead of just displaying your ad as a "plain Jane" listing we are adding a few dynamic features to the web site.

Instead of just viewing your ad on a list with many others we are going to require that you input a "catchphrase" for your ad.

So when creating your ad, first you enter the Manufacturer's name, then the model, choose a salutation, the price and then a catchphrase, which is one sentence describing your airplane/parts.

In the example below the top line is the first set of info you entered, then below it is the catchphrase. In this example the catchphrase is 'A Cessna 182 beautifully restored. Price is Firm.'

Then follows the contact information.

Your preferred phone number, your email address and a web site URL, should you have one to further show off the airplane.

All this will be shown along with your preferred picture of your airplane.

When a customer looks at the list and is intrigued by your ad, and clicks or taps , your complete detailed ad will fill a whole page.

The moment this happens we send you an email and/or text message that the ad was viewed and from where in the world it was viewed.

Your ad will show up to 12 pictures with captions at the bottom of your ad. (We have done away with cutsie slideshows and annoying carousals.)

You can also add links to your own web site and a link to any additional documents.

You will be able to log into a member area to: Add/Edit your ads; upload pictures; etc. and get a full report of the number of folks who viewed your ad, from where and when they viewed it.

All these cool features can be turned on and off as you prefer from your member area.

Sign up and we'll help you sell your airplane.

Need help submitting your Ad, for a small fee of $25.00 we will set up your ad for you. Select the "Contact Us" menu from the home page, fill in the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.